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        Bank Profile

        Bank of Dongguan Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Bank”) is a joint-stock commercial bank registered in Dongguan and established in September 1999 with the approval from the People’s Bank of China. As of the end of March 2022, the Bank had a head office, 13 branches (Dongguan Branch, Guangzhou Branch, Shenzhen Branch, Huizhou Branch, Changsha Branch, Foshan Branch, Hefei Branch, Qingyuan Branch, Zhuhai Branch, Shaoguan Branch, Zhongshan Branch, Nansha Branch and Hong Kong Branch), 61 tier-1 sub-branches, 82 tier-2 sub-branches, 8 community sub-branches and 4 small and micro sub-branches. The Bank initiated the establishment of 6 village and township branches, and made an equity investment in Bank of Xingtai.

        Since its inception, the Bank, under the correct leadership and supervision of governments at all levels and regulatory authorities, persisted in the philosophy of “market-oriented and customer-centered” and took improving the human capital and technological application ability as basis and “lifting efficiency” as means. The Bank strengthened risk management, sales management and service management to further promote product and service innovation, optimise resource allocation and improve incentive mechanism. With continuing improvement of management level and business growth, the Bank has always ranked top with outstanding performance among the national industry peers. As of the end of December 2021, the Bank had total assets of RMB482.784 billion, deposit balance of RMB318.833 billion and loan balance of RMB270.088billion.

        As a local bank with independent legal capacity, the Bank has short management radius and is flexible in decision making. With obvious advantages of scientific and technological development and advanced hardware and software equipment, the Bank has high flexibility in independent development and design, getting closer to the market and customers. The Bank continues to innovate financial products and is committed to provide customers with comprehensive and characteristic financial services.

        The Bank’s good reputation and performance have been widely recognised by industry peers, customers and authoritative media.